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Our Cart Lodges

Cart lodges serve a multitude of uses for under cover parking, garaging and storage solutions. They are practical and also very pleasing to the eye.

Our oak front buildings are manufactured in our own workshops and we are happy to work with you from initial consultation to completion of the project, achieving a building to meet your own individual needs. All works are carried out in-house thus ensuring quality assurance of our product and complete control of the project. We use local high quality green oak which we plane and chamfer ourselves giving a high quality finish.

Price On Application

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  • Initial no-obligation consultations
  • Design Ideas
  • Drawing of plans
  • Planning application where required
  • Building regulations & structural calculations
  • Groundworks
  • Supply and Installation


  • Manufactured to any size and design
  • Roof style and finish
  • Cladding
  • Paint finish
  • Door and window styles
  • Water harvesters
  • Cupolas, Clocks & Weathervanes


”Thank you so much for the cart lodge. Genuinely couldn’t be happier and thanks for your attention etc. You probably don’t need, but any potential customers with similar projects in mind needing a reference, don’t hesitate to pass our details on.”
”The cart lodge looks great! Now that it’s up it really look good. Thank you!”
”We would like to take this opportunity to say how pleased we are with the workshop & cart lodge you have erected. Your men were very polite and co-operative and we are very satisfied with the whole project.”

Cart Lodge Gallery

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Cart Lodge – CL133

3 Bay Cart Lodge with 1 enclosed bay

CL133 Features

  • Bold colour paint finish. A large choice of colours available, A paint finish will provide a low maintenance for your building with an expected life of 5 – 7 years

  • Heavy duty double barn doors with galvanised hook and band hinges

  • Hardwood English oak fronted with rough sawn softwood cladding to the walls


Bespoke Cartlodge

Bespoke Cart Lodge style building with living accommodation

  • Double storey building, offering outside storage and car parking to the bottom, and a upstairs office area.

    Featuring a bold colour paint finish. A large choice of colours available, A paint finish will provide a low maintenance for your building. This building has been treated using a black barn paint – very in fitting with the surroundings. Painted on softwood Rough Sawn Planking to the exterior, framed using English Oak which will naturally ‘silver off’ over time.

    Velux windows, UPVC windows and dormers to the roof, finished off with pantiles.

    Planning, building regulations and ground works can all be done in house. Call us today for more information on 01603 748507


Cartlodge – CL89

Two Bay Cartlodge With One Enclosed Bay

CL89 Features

  • Two bay cart lodge with one enclosed bay with double timber garage door, treated in an oil based preservative.
  • Oak frame front with Oak cross beams and oak posts dividing bays, with modified knee braces
  • Black square UPVC fitted to the front and rear complete with downpipes

Cartlodge – CL82

3 Bay Apex Style Cartlodge with Upstair Quarters

CL82 Features

  • Red clay pan tiles to an Apex style roof
  • 3 Enclosed bays with Oak overhang to the front, additional storage / living quarters upstairs with sky lights installed to allow extra natural light
  • Treated in Black Barn Paint
  • 1.0m Overhang to front using Oak posts. With double barn doors.

Cartlodge – CL102

Two Bay Cartlodge with Apex Style Roof

CL102 Features

  • Reclaimed Pan Tiles to the open trussed hand cut roof using 150mm x 50mm common rafters
  • Black, square profile guttering to the front with downpipe
  • One open bay suitable for vehicle cover / car parking, One enclosed bay suitable for outdoor storage.
  • 200mm x 25mm Planed Planking treated in Black Barn Paint

Cartlodge – CL61

Two Bay Catslide Cartlodge with Overhang and Small Storage Area

CL61 Features

  • Two open bays suitable for extra outdoor storage / vehicle parking. Additional lockable storage area to side featuring a small overhang.
  • Red Clay Pantile to the roof. Open trussed hand cut roof using 150mm x 50mm Common rafters
  • 3 Courses of red brickwork, with 150mm reinforced concrete base
  • Treated in Dark Brown spirit based preservative
  • Oak Framing with Oak Cross Beam and Oak Posts Dividing bays, with modified knee braces

Cartlodge – CL45

Catslide Style Cartlodge with Enclosed Bay

CL45 Features

  • Clay Pantiles to the roof, Hand cut open trussed roof using 150mm x 50mm common rafters
  • 1no. Enclosed bay with double timber garage doors, treated in an Oil based preservative. 1no. open bay suitable for vehicle storage / parking
  • Oak Framing with Oak cross beams and Oak posts dividing bays. With modified knee braces
  • Treated in Light Brown spirit based preservative

Cartlodge – CL104

Two Bay Apex Cartlodge with Additional Storage to the side

CL104 Features

  • This building has been left ready for a third party tiler to install a roofing option of the customers choice.
  • Black, square profile guttering to front with a downpipe
  • Finished in ‘Black Barn Paint’ – A large choice of colours and wood preservatives available
  • Two divided bays, one to serve as a garden room / office area, with full length glazed doors to the front allowing natural light into the building, the other to serve as an outdoor storage facility