Tiber Garage, Made in Norwich, Norfolk

Our Garages

All of our Garages are manufactured to customers’ individual requirements; this gives the ability to have doors in the size and position that suits your garden best. Personnel doors can be positioned to line up with existing pathways etc. Some Garages will require planning permission and we would advise that you check with your local planning authority. We do offer a planning application service together with ground and base works.

Single Garages make an ideal dual-purpose building. It gives extra storage space, but still leaves room to park your car out of the rain. Double Garages are increasingly popular and we are able to build them in heavier timber framing, to give clear span and substantial roof strength . We can construct the roof to accommodate a tiled covering should you require this. Cladding options are available on all of our Garages to give them a unique feel.

Prices From £2,266.00

Standard Sizes

click here 4.80 x 3.00m (approx. 16ft x 10ft) 5.40 x 3.00m (approx. 18ft x 10ft)
see url 6.00 x 3.00m (approx. 20ft x 10ft)
4.80 x 3.60m (approx. 16ft x 12ft)
5.40 x 3.60m (approx. 18ft x 12ft)
6.00 x 3.60m (approx. 20ft x 12ft)
6.00 x 5.40m (approx. 20ft x 18ft)
6.00 x 6.00m (approx. 20ft x 20ft)
7.20 x 6.00m (approx. 24ft x 20ft)

Can also be manufactured in any size. Please contact us to discuss further.

Standard Specification

Cladding: Ex 16mm x 125mm tongue & groove shiplap
Framing: Ex 75mm x 50mm throughout
Roof: Heavy duty felt on tongue & groove
Floor: NO FLOOR – All garages are bolted down with galvanised through bolts
Windows: 1no. fixed, 1no. opening (top hung) – 610mm x 610mm approx – glazed
Doors: 1no. double superior doors – 2.40m wide approx
mortice sash lock and handle set, heavy duty ZYP ironmongery
Door: 1no. Superior 740mm wide door – mortice sash lock and handle,BZP ironmongery
Gutters & Downpipes: Fitted to both sides
Treatment: Exterior finished with oil based preservative – Light Brown, Dark Brown, Red Cedar
Eaves Height: 2.10m approx
Ridge Height: 2.850m approx

Key Points

  • Framework set at every 600mm
  • Tongue & Groove roof boards
  • Galvanised furniture as standard
  • 1 no. single superior personnel door
  • Guttering as standard

Garage Gallery


Bespoke Garage – GG34

This bespoke garage has been manufactured to suit the individual requirements of the customer, At Scott Sheds Ltd, we work with you from initial quotation through to the finish project to ensure that every small detail is covered and that you are 100% happy with your Timber Building, We offer a full Installation, Groundworks &


Garage – GG13

GG13 - 6.0m x 6.0m Garage GG13 Features 1no. pair of double superior doors which are fully braced & ledged, with galvanised furniture Black, square profile guttering and down pipe Treated in Light Brown spirit based preservative


Garage – GG36

GG36 - 6.0m x 6.0m Garage GG36 Features 2no. Double superior doors which are fully braced and ledged, inclusive with galvanised furniture and 3 lever mortice sash lock Black, square profile guttering and down pipe to side 2no. Fixed windows, 3mm 610 x 610 horticultural glass Coroline Roofing System to roof, complete


Garage – GG41

GG41 - 9.0m x 6.0m Garage GG41 Features Coroline Roofing System to roof, available in Red, Green or Black. Complete with a 15yr manufacturers guarantee against water proofing. Black, square profile guttering to front with down pipe and soak away 3no. superior double doors which are fully braced and ledged, complete with


Garage – GG37

GG37 - 3.6m x 6.0m Garage GG37 Features 1no. Superior double doors, fully braced and ledged inclusive with 3 lever mortice sash lock Ideal for additional storage outside & under cover car parking Treated in Light Brown spirit based preservative


Garage – GG18

GG18 - 6.0m x 6.0m Garage GG18 Features 2no. double superior doors. Fully braced and legded inclusive with a 3 lever mortice sashlock. 2no. cabin hooks, to hold doors in position once opened. Black, square profile guttering and down pipe to assure drainage away from building 210 ltr water butts can be


Garage – WS57

Bespoke Timber Garage WS57 Features 2no. Double Superior Doors, Extra height to allow for easy acess High sunlight window to allow for natural light to enter the building without compromising security Treated in Light Brown spirit based preservative