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/Our Playhouses
Our Playhouses2018-03-31T09:49:04+00:00
This Bespoke Playhouse is made in Norwich, Norfolk

Our Playhouses

Our playhouses are manufactured in a range of designs. From budget single story playhouses to double story with miniature garage doors, there will be a design to suit your garden.

We can also build the playhouse of your child’s dreams! With bespoke design services we can create a building as individual and special as your child. Just contact or visit us with your ideas and we can help you make them a reality.

Safety is important in our playhouses, piano hinges can be added to door frames to stop little ones trapping fingers, 3mm styrene is a standard feature to avoid any nasty cuts, along with rounded frame work throughout.

For a sense of adventure we can raise your playhouse on timber frame work, giving it a tree house feel. This style also gives you the option of creating a covered storage area beneath.

Please contact us to discuss any of these options.

Prices From £420.00
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Playhouse – PH21

2.4m x 2.4m Bespoke Playhouse PH21 Features This playhouse has been manufactured to meet the requirements of the customer, featuring scalloped fascia boards to the front, stable door with antique ironmongery. Additional storage area to the side and small veranda


Playhouse – PH17

1.5m x 1.5m Single Storey Playhouse PH17 Features Treated in an Oil Based Timber Preservative. Available in Light Brown, Dark Brown & Red Cedar. Bold Colour Paint Finishes Available Upon Request with a Large Choice Of Colours Available Rounded Frame Work Throughout Building


Playhouse – PH05

Bespoke Playhouse This Bespoke Playhouse is a single storey building mounted on timber frame work. This gives the Playhouse a 'tree house' feel, adding a touch of adventure to your children's playtime. For you there is the added bonus of space to store your children's outdoor toys beneath the building, freeing up your valuable garden


Playhouse – PH09

Playhouse - PH09 PH09 Features Treated in an Oil Based Preservative, choice of colours available; Light Brown, Dark Brown or Red Cedar Polyester 'Non - rip' felt as standard to the roof. 2no. Fixed Styrene Windows


Playhouse – PH13

Playhouse - PH13 PH13 Features Painted in a Bold Colour Paint Finish - A Large Choice of Colours to Choose From Georgian Style Windows Black Antique Style Ironmongery Furniture Felt Shingles to the Roof, Available in Red, Green or Grey