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Sandringham Garden Room

Our Sandringham Garden Rooms

A classic, attractively styled garden room ideal for an additional family room.

Ideal for use as a sun room, kids den or home office.

A wide choice of colours are available to bring individuality to your garden building.


Prices From £3,795.00

Standard Sizes

3.60 x 3.00m (approx. 12ft x 10ft) Cabin Size: 12 x 6
3.60 x 3.60m (approx. 12ft x 12ft) Cabin Size: 12 x 8
4.20 x 3.60m (approx. 14ft x 12ft) Cabin Size: 14 x 8
4.80 x 3.60m (approx. 16ft x 12ft) Cabin Size: 16 x 8
5.40 x 3.60m (approx. 18ft x 12ft) Cabin Size: 18 x 8
6.00 x 3.60m (approx. 20ft x 12ft) Cabin Size: 20 x 8
3.60 x 4.20m (approx. 12ft x 14ft) Cabin Size: 12 x 10
4.20 x 4.20m (approx. 14ft x 14ft) Cabin Size: 14 x 10
4.80 x 4.20m (approx. 16ft x 14ft) Cabin Size: 16 x 10
5.40 x 4.20m (approx. 18ft x 14ft) Cabin Size: 18 x 10
6.00 x 4.20m (approx. 20ft x 14ft) Cabin Size: 20 x 10

Standard Specification Cladding: 16mm x 125mm Tongue and Groove Shiplap
source Framing: 75mm x 50mm throughout
follow site Roof: Felt Shingles on Tongue & Groove
Base: Tongue & Groove on 45mm x 38mm treated bearers Set at every 300mm centres
Windows: 8no. 6 Pane Georgian Style windows—glazed 4no.
Opening, 4no.  Fixed Brass plated window furniture
Doors: 1no. Pair 6 Pane Georgian Style—glazed to match windows
Brass plated door furniture, brass plated butt hinges, mortice sash lock and handle set
Paint Finish: 2no. Colour Jotun / Bedec Paint Systems
Guttering: Guttering fitted to front and rear
Overhang/Verandah: Only available in 1.20m approx (4’)
Eaves Height: 2.10m approx
Ridge Height: 2.90m approx

Key Points

  • Wide choice of colours
  • Choice of Verti-Board, Tongue & Groove or Plyboard Lining, as an optional extra.
  • Erection / Installation is Included
  • Square Felt Shingles to the roof. Available in Red, Green or Grey.
  • Two Colour Paint Finish included. A large choice of colours available