Grill Cabins – BBQ Huts.

//Grill Cabins – BBQ Huts.

Grill Cabins – BBQ Huts.

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Scandinavian Grill Cabins

Scandinavian in style and design, the Scandinavian Grill Cabins allows us here in the UK to plan our BBQ in advance at any time of the year (umbrellas not required!). The cabins are click surprisingly spacious with a cosy feel so, whether it’s a gathering of friends or a family meal, enter Grill Cabins will turn your source BBQ into a special event. A non weather-dependent cooking station with comfort and style. 


  • *Building Size:

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    Please select from the options below to customize your Grill Cabin

    Please choose colour of Hexagonal Felt Shingles.

    Please choose the colour of your seat coverings.

    Please pick from the options below as to which Grill you would like your Grill Cabin/ BBQ Hut to come with:

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    • 541 £

    Do you require a protective Grill Fence as shown in the picture above?

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    *Example of our Reindeer Skin, colours may vary. (£100 per skin)

    • 100 £

    Would you like us to deliver and erect the building?

    (delivery charges calculated on checkout)

    • +683 £for upgrade
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    • +945 £for upgrade
    • +1155 £for upgrade
    • +2100 £for upgrade

  • Is there any restrictions preventing us from Accessing your garden, such as archways or tight bends? if unsure please feel free to contact us via email at or calling 01603 748507.

    If you answered YES to any of the above questions please put information regarding this below:

    On the day will we have access to power on site, we will bring a 50 meter extension cable.

    Is your base for this building ready? (if you need information on the required base for the structure please feel free to contact us or see the specifications page at the bottom of the product page for more information/recommendations).

    Such as any information if its a new build or near any noticeable locations (such as pubs/post office etc).

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Product Information for our Grill Cabins and BBQ Huts

Please find all the information needed for your Grill Cabins – BBQ Huts below, if you need any additional information don’t hesitate to contact us on either 01603 748507 or

Base size required

Please find base plans below page image.

Access Requirements

If we are erecting your Grill Cabins – BBQ Huts for you we will need clear access to your desired location, please mention on checkout if you have any of the following access issues or call us on 01603 748 507.

Height restrictions – Is there any gates with tops or Archways?

Width restrictions – All our sectional buildings will be in panels and so access wise must take into account these being carried by our delivery team.

Ease of access – We can’t lift the panels / Logs over any walls or fences. Is there any sharp bends?

Failing to mention any of the above restrictions on checkout may lead to additional charges.


We ask for a 30% deposit with your order, please note cleared funds will be required approximately 10 days before delivery and/or erection of your Birch Log cabin.

Balance Payments

We require the balance payment a week prior to delivery of the building, this is normally taken when we call you up to arrange a delivery day and can be paid by Debit Card or Credit Card (2% surcharge on Credit) whilst on the phone or we can provide our BACS details.


Additional information


6.9m2 (inside area), 9.2m2 (inside area), 14.9m (inside area), 16.5m2 (inside area), 25m2 (inside area)