Heavy Duty Workshop

//Heavy Duty Workshop

Heavy Duty Workshop

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Our Heavy Duty Workshop

Our Heavy Duty Workshop are made to order to satisfy each customer’s individual needs. We use only the highest quality materials and most up to date construction techniques to give you a product that not only looks good but also stands the test of time.

Choose from a large selection of additional upgrades – from the colour of your shed to the type of roofing material you’d like, we have it all.

To order, please fill out the form below and tell us exactly how you want your new shed.

If you want something extra special and you can’t see what you’re looking for on the order form, please call us on http://jpcraighomebuilders.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://jpcraighomebuilders.com/renovations/services/ 01603 748507 where a member of our dedicated sales team will talk you through your requirements and help you find the right building for you.


  • Please select from the options below to pick the size of building:

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    Please choose the layout of door and windows.

    Now add some colour.

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    Please select paint colour below:

    Colours are digital representations only.  Final Colour may vary slighty.

    Please select wood stain colour below:

    One & Two Colour Paint Finish

    Scott Sheds Ltd offer to paint buildings with Alcro or Bird Brand paint, if required, at an additional cost.
    We paint using 2no. coats of the chosen paint and colour.
    We do not apply knotting solution as historically we have found in a very few cases the knot will bleed and bubble the paint finish as the knotting solution is not breathable.
    The manufacturers of both Alcro and Bird Brand recommend we do not use knotting solution.
    You may find that a knot will bleed and the resin seeps through the paint finish. This can be easily wiped clean with methylated spirit.
    We offer no guarantee as to longevity of paint finish, however you could expect 5 – 7 years, and no guarantee that knots will not bleed as timber is a natural product and we cannot prevent the wood bleeding if a knot contains excessive resin. All timber used in our buildings has been kiln dried to help minimise this.

    What would you like on top?

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    Please choose colour of Roof

    Please choose colour of Roof

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    Please select on the drop down box below the colour of your guttering.

    A Pair of galvanized hooks to hold your doors open.

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  • All Sheds will come in Panels but due to the nature of their sizes we need to ensure there are no access restrictions to your desired location for the Shed.

    Are there any height restrictions to the location where the building is going, such as archways or low hanging cables etc.

    (for a guide on heights of panels see specifications below)

    Are there any width restrictions to where the building is going, such as alleyways, tight bends or small gates etc.

    Minimum clearance around 1.00 meter.

    Due to health and safety reasons we are unable to lift any panels over walls or hedging. 

    Would this be an issue for delivery/ erection of the building?

    We will deliver your Shed with a small flat bed Transit or Trailer, if there is any issues parking close to the property or there will be a long walking distance to the place where the building will be erected please tick "Yes" and state below.

    If you answered YES to any of the above questions please put information regarding this below:

    On the day will we have access to power on site, we will bring a 50 meter extension cable.

    Such as any information if its a new build or near any noticeable locations (such as pubs/post office etc).


Product Information for our Heavy Duty Workshop

Please find all the information needed for your Heavy Duty Workshop below, if you need any additional information don’t hesitate to contact us on either 01603 748507 or sales@scottsheds.com.

Base size required

We recommend a base to be the same size as the building ordered (in Metric) ideally raised by an inch or two from the surrounding area.

Standard Specification Heavy Duty Workshop

http://rpstransit.com/ Cladding: Ex 16mm x 125mm Tongue and Groove Shiplap
source Framing: Ex 75mm x 50mm throughout
Roof: Heavy Duty Felt on Tongue & Groove
Base: Tongue & Groove on 45mm x 38mm treated bearers
Set at every 300mm centres
Windows: 1no. Opening – top hung, 1 no. Fixed – Glazed
610mm x 610mm approx
Doors: 1no. Pair Superior double doors – 1500mm wide approx.
Mortice sash lock and handle set – Heavy Duty BZP ironmongery
Treatment: Exterior finished with high quality oil based preservative
Light brown
Front Height: 2.50m approx
Back Height: 1.80m approx

Access Requirements

If we are erecting your Heavy Duty Workshop for you we will need clear access to your desired location, please mention on checkout if you have any of the following access issues or call us on 01603 748 507.

Height restrictions – Is there any gates with tops or Archways?

Width restrictions – All our sectional buildings will be in panels and so access wise must take into account these being carried by our delivery team.

Ease of access – We can’t lift the panels over any walls or fences. Is there any sharp bends?

Failing to mention any of the above restrictions on checkout may lead to additional charges.


We ask for a 30% deposit with your order, please note cleared funds will be required approximately 10 days before delivery and/or erection of your Garden Shed.

Balance Payments

We require the balance payment a week prior to delivery of the building, this is normally taken when we call you up to arrange a delivery day and can be paid by Debit Card or Credit Card (2% surcharge on Credit) whilst on the phone or we can provide our BACS details.


Additional information

Building Size

3.00m x 2.40m (10' x 8'), 3.00m x 3.00m (10' x 10'), 3.60m x 2.40m (12' x 8'), 3.60m x 3.00m (12' x 10'), 4.20m x 2.40m (14' x 8'), 4.20m x 3.00m (14' x 10'), 4.80m x 2.40m (16' x 8'), 4.80m x 3.00m (16' x 10'), 4.80m x 3.60m (16' x 12'), 5.40m x 2.40m (18' x 8'), 5.40m x 3.00m (18' x 10'), 5.40m x 3.60m (18' x 12'), 6.00m x 2.40m (20' x 8'), 6.00m x 3.00m (20' x 10'), 6.00m x 3.60m (20' x 12')